Death Knight

The death knight is a plate-wearing melee class and World of Warcraft’s first hero class. Compounding the survivability of the warrior, the raw frontal damage of a rogue, and the damage over time that would make a warlock proud, they are a force to be reckoned with.

In PvE play, a death knight can be used as a tank, like the paladin and warrior. Unlike these classes, however, the a death knight cannot use shields. While this dramatically hampers their apparent defensive ability, they have three presences to choose from that function almost exactly like a warrior’s stances. Blood Presence increases the death knight’s stamina a considerable amount, improves his armor by a whopping 60%, and greatly augments his threat generation. This last part is one of the most important aspect of death knight tanking: They do not have the reactive threat a paladin specializes in, and also don’t have the wide array of high threat skills a warrior can use. They are forced to generate threat through sheer damage (something death knights are very, very good at).

Death knights are among the best solo-playable classes available, second only to hunters and warlocks. This is especially true of Blood-Specced knights, who have a very prominent life-stealing/regenerating theme as well as high damage output. Death knights are capable of tremendous damage mitigation, combining Blood Presence with numerous mitigation talents. Unholy knights have the Ghoul, which through focusing on Unholy becomes their own minion-type ally that follows them wherever they go. They also have numerous Area of Effect damage abilities through certain talents, and are excellent at defeating many enemies in a hurry.

Blood death knights regenerate life almost as fast as they lose it in combat, making them monstrously efficient and have skills like Rune Tap and Vampiric Blood, as well as fast runic power generation but (curiously) no real runic power dump besides Dancing Rune Weapon. Frost knights focus on keeping the flow of battle under control with the vicious  [Howling Blast]. Unholy emphasises diseases more than the other trees, as well as containing a very powerful utility skill in Anti-Magic Zone, along with a Ghoul pet and serious Runic Power dumps such as Gargoyle and an improved Death Coil. All of the trees provide speedy, efficient kills, little downtime, and a very active and energetic experience.

If you prefer a quick and active combat style with durability, power, and a wide variety of ways to defeat your victims enemies, and the aesthetics of being a fallen hero turned walking engine of ruinous power, the Death Knight may be a perfect fit.

Thanks to: Gamepedia


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