Monks are the newest class in World of Warcraft, and this shows in their design. Set apart from the other classes, monks have a unique combat system, combining energy or mana with the combo point-like chi, and a range of stances to define their current role. Students of ancient pandaren martial arts techniques, monks embody the skill, focus, meditativeness and deadly effectiveness of a skilled Kung Fu master, battering enemies with a flurry of punches or flying kicks, incapacitating enemies with an intimate knowledge of nerve centers and acupressure points, and using their inner calm and connection to the universe to heal and restore balance to their allies.

A true hybrid class, monks can perform a melee DPS, tank or healing role, and similar to paladins tend to provide a little healing in any spec. However, unlike paladins these students of enlightenment wear only light armor, and can roll or spin out of harm’s way, dodging blows and disarming foes. Monks have a number of hybrid abilities that combine damage and healing, and also make use of stationary statues and a range of herbal brews to empower their abilities.

Monks are a uniquely mobile class, and are affected by their physical location more than other classes. They can generate Health and Chi Spheres, special objects which must be passed into in order to gain their benefits. This creates a mobile battlefield, with monks quickly rolling and soaring across the arena to restore health before leaping back into the fray. All monks are melee types – even the healers – and need to be up close to make the most of their abilities.

Brewmaster monks are perhaps the most unusual tanks in the game. With a stumbling gait easily confused for simple intoxication, these mighty tanks utilize the style of the drunken master to absorb and stagger damage, while relying on potent brews to restore their vitality. Devoted masters of ale, these curious but undeniably effective defenders hurl kegs of brew at their enemies, setting them alight with their flaming breath, and use purifying concoctions to wash away harm. Evading their assailants’ blows apparently by accident, these elusive brawlers sway and stagger across the arena, provoking their attackers with drunken taunts. Brewmaster monks do not use shields, preferring to leave both hands free for drinking. And for swiping at enemies, of course.

Mistweavers are also unusual, combining the healing power of their mastery of chi with skilful strikes to generate healing for their allies. Using mana instead of the other specs’ energy, Mistweavers can channel their chi to envelop allies in a protective bubble, or retreat into a deep meditation to redirect their allies’ damage toward themselves. Steadily restoring targets using a variety of surging, soothing and renewing mists, Mistweavers gently uplift groups and detoxify them of harmful effects. Like Discipline priests, Mistweavers can also derive healing from dealing damage, and are often to be found in the thick of battle, rather than standing on the sidelines.

Windwalkers are the classic martial artists, melee DPS who eschew weapons to pummel foes with fist and foot. With lightning reflexes these indefatigable fighters leap and roll across the battlefield, using their martial prowess to overpower opponents with a combination of speed and deadly accuracy. Similar in some ways to rogues, these agile fighters conserve their chi to build to devastating special moves, stunning targets with Blackout Kicks and pummeling foes with their  [Fists of Fury].

Aside from combat, monks also enjoy some interesting abilities like  [Zen Pilgrimage], and a daily quest to train with the monks at the Peak of Serenity, slowly teaching the player how to engage in more advanced battle tactics, as well as serving to accelerate their rate of experience gain.

If you’re looking for a different class which features some rapid melee action, the monk might be for you. The Brewmaster with its Staggered damage offers a slightly different type of tanking experience, while the Windwalker presents a classic martial arts style of play, and the Mistweaver offers a refreshingly hands-on approach to healing. If you like the idea of hidden pressure points, flying kicks and fists of fury, it might be worth your time trying a monk.

Thanks to: Gamepedia


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