Paladins are plate-wearing holy knights. With the soul of a priest and the brawn of a warrior, paladins combine Holy magic with powerful weapons and stout armor. Like the knights of legend, paladins fight the good fight, smiting enemies with divine wrath and bringing allies back from the brink of death with the power of the Holy Light. A true hybrid class, paladins can fulfil any role, and can usually do a little of all three, thanks to their combination of damaging, healing and protective abilities.

Paladins are especially well-known for their supreme survivability. Abilities like  [Hand of Protection],  [Divine Shield] and  [Lay on Hands] enable them to render a player all but invulnerable at any time, or instantly heal them back up to full health just when defeat seems inevitable. In PvP, this can make paladins one of the most frustrating classes to play against, with groups of players sometimes joining forces to try to bring a Protection paladin down.

Paladins are also well-known for their range of buffs and support spells, and are arguably the strongest support class in the game. Paladins can grant a number of different hands and blessings to fit any occasion, and use a range of seals to grant them specific benefits each time they attack. Paladins tend to combine self-heals with damage dealing, effortlessly maintaing their health bar while focusing on bringing their targets down. Paladins and execute their abilities through a combination of mana and Holy Power, a kind of combo point system which allows them to build to a powerful burst of healing or damage.

Holy paladins are dedicated healers. Specializing in single-target healing, Holy paladins also have some damage absorption effects and multi-target heals. More heavily armored than any other healing spec, Holy paladins can take a hit or two and can also dish out some respectable Holy damage.

Protection paladins are well-respected tanks. Their substantial AoE damage and multi-target attacks allow them to effortlessly hold the attention of a crowd of mobs, and sometimes to single-handedly defeat them, too. Protection paladins draw great strength from being attacked, and are at their best when surrounded by enemies.

Retribution paladins rely on melee combat supplemented by magic buffs. With a fighting style that mirrors that of a warrior, the paladin uses similar types of skills to deal both physical and Holy damage to their opponents. When geared properly a Retribution paladin is a very durable and damaging melee fighter and is deceptively powerful in all types of play.

The paladin is a true hybrid class, with all three specs capable of respectable healing, as well as providing their allies with a range of buffs, and enjoying an incomparable level of survivability. With a combination of Holy magic and good old fashioned combat, if you want to be a holy knight slaying your enemies and protecting and healing your allies, the paladin is the class for you.


Thanks to: Gamepedia


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