Sinister masters of the night, rogues are a lightly-armored class which uses  [Stealth], poisons and sharp blades to dispatch enemies without a sound. Focusing exclusively on DPS, the rogue represents a counterpoint to the warrior’s brash guts and glory approach to battle, preferring to strike from the shadows and  [Vanish] without a sound, their only code of honor the contract on their target’s life. Valuing dexterity over muscle, rogues wear leather armor that leaves them free to move swiftly through the night, and usually wield light weapons in each hand.

Rogues rely on their rapidly-regenerating pool of energy to deal damage, granting combo points to build toward devastating finishing moves. Rogues are one of the most infamous classes in PvP, capable of incapacitating opponents for extended periods with a variety of poisons, bleeds, stuns and other disabling effects, while they slice and dice their helpless target. Rogues have excellent access to  [Stealth], able to sneak around undetected by enemies and pounce upon their prey with special opening attacks, and have a range of evasive abilities for escaping combat when the odds turn against them. Rogues can also pick locks and  [Detect Traps]. With the ability to incapacitate foes, high burst damage, many spell interrupts, and strong evasion abilities, rogues are formidable opponents.

Each rogue spec focuses on DPS, but has its own way of achieving this. Assassination rogues use poisons and finishing moves to deal bursts of damage to their targets; Subtlety rogues are dark stalkers, leaping from the shadows to ambush foes before slipping back into the night; while Combat rogues are the exception, cunning swashbucklers who use agility and dirty tricks to stand toe-to-toe with enemies.

The rogue class has two primary strengths that are ironically in opposition to each other: they are tremendous damage dealers, yet they are also the best at avoiding combat in the first place.

The  [Stealth] skill is the rogue’s best friend. Rogues have stealth-enhancing talents that can allow them to travel nearly anywhere in the game by themselves, even to the extent of exploring high level instances solo without ever engaging in combat. They can even grab a few extra coins on their way by picking pockets, though this is not a significant source of income. If you enjoy control, and prefer to pick your fights, the rogue is a very enjoyable class.

Once in combat, rogues are very potent damage dealers. The rogue is a class that “fights dirty” (which is shown through their large arsenal of Stealth abilities, as well as their multiple Stuns and other CC abilities), and they are frequently found at the top of damage-monitoring statistics during endgame raids, although it is common to find rogues sacrificing some of their damage (still leaving it very high) to incapacitate the target through the use of other abilities. Through the use of the combo point system rogues have many abilities that can either stop an enemy in its tracks or slay it quickly. Like warriors, they need close proximity combat to be effective. They are limited to leather armor and can withstand much less damage than warriors; a rogue will be outmatched if suddenly made the attention of multiple enemies. However, stealth often allows them to escape this situation, either to get away completely or to restart the fight under better circumstances.

In PvP rogues are one of the most feared classes because of their stealth capabilities, high burst damage and stunlocks, letting a rogue kill an enemy player without them being able to fight back. This can be very satisfying if you enjoy lying in wait, then pouncing from the shadows to deal huge amounts of damage to the incapacitated enemy, before swiftly slipping away. Subtlety rogues excel at this type of combat. However, in levelling and PvE play, this approach can become slow and repetitious, causing many rogues to favour Assassination or Combat specs for steady combat.

Several of the rogue’s most useful combat abilities (e.g.  [Cheap Shot],  [Ambush]) require the rogue to be in Stealth, which means that in solo play they can only be used at the start of a fight. In groups,  [Vanish] and  [Preparation] can allow more chances, while in PvP, combat fades after 5 seconds without fighting, allowing you to re-stealth.

If you enjoy a class that provides a high-octane, quick-reflex environment, the rogue is for you. Win or lose, fights as a rogue are often over quick. Take care: if you are prone to committing mistakes, your rogue will become an easy and vulnerable target. But with a cool head and knowledge of the weapons of your disposal – cheap tricks, lethal poisons, an iron grasp of martial arts, and a dozen ways to control your opponent – a well-played rogue will take you far.


Thanks to: Gamepedia


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