Druids are a shapeshifting Hybrid class. Unlike other hybrid classes, Druids do not fulfill several roles at once (e.g., both healing and melee at the same time), but can choose which role to take by shifting into one of their forms. In their normal form, they are healers and casters, with a wide array of... Continue Reading →


Death Knight

The death knight is a plate-wearing melee class and World of Warcraft's first hero class. Compounding the survivability of the warrior, the raw frontal damage of a rogue, and the damage over time that would make a warlock proud, they are a force to be reckoned with. In PvE play, a death knight can be... Continue Reading →


The tank's job is to take all the damage for the group. They are often the first ones in and the last ones out in a fight. They must stand proud, keeping all the monsters' attention (threat) while their party members deal the damage and kill the monsters. They usually make up the smallest percentage of players.... Continue Reading →

Damage Dealer

The role of damage dealer (commonly referred to as DPS) is perhaps the most obvious of all; they focus on dealing damage to the party's targets. While the tank holds the attention of the enemy and healers keep everyone alive, it is up to the DPS to actually deal the damage which will result in... Continue Reading →


The healer's job is to keep everyone alive. In PvE this primarily means focusing on the tank, while in PvP healers need to switch rapidly between targets. Healers support the group through the use of healing spells and abilities, and also tend to be responsible for removing harmful debuffs. Healers are the least common class... Continue Reading →

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